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VAUGHN EDWARD is an author, performing vocalist & instrumentalist, and photographer. He has performed across the country from coast to coast, singing his own originals. Along with the vocals, he plays fluently, the keyboard and saxophone. He has toured through the Caribbean and has played in multiple clubs, universities, venues and fests around the country.

His travels have led him through almost every mountain range in the United States. Traveling and living in many places allowed him to meet people from all walks of life, and to see life from their perspective, experiences and stories. While traveling, he studied for many years under many authentic, enlightened teachers from India, Tibet, the U.K., Jamaica, the Island of Mauritius and elsewhere.

Everyone from his past, including all his teachers, left their mark and contributed in some way to the stories and basis of Warrior Children, and the gods and goddesses within the series.

YA Fantasy Novels, Music, Music Instruction Books! All three sites are original works of Vaughn Edward. Click on an icon link to visit.

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