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Breathing for Healing & Age Reversal:

Breathing Technique for Vocalists & All Artists

by Vaughn Edward;  Technique from Peter Ragnar

February 28, 2019


This Breathing Exercise was given to me by my teacher - Sage, Peter Ragnar. It is an ancient technique and a breathing meditation, a form of Qi Gong breathing. Peter is a teacher of meditation, Qi Gong and health foods, and he has been an instructor to Martial Artists, world champions and people from all walks of life.

The breathing will take you to the present moment, and it will simultaneously teach you how to breathe correctly. Without proper support and flow of breath, the body will deteriorate and age. By using this technique, the body will push the bad air and energy out of the lungs, causing your body to stimulate itself naturally. According to Peter, this one technique will activate your body's natural healing abilities, drawing in energy to constantly heal the cells of the body. It will bring one to perfect health and greater understanding of the self.

Borrowed from sages from the past, this technique has been around for thousands of years. Along with the healing of the body and mind, it will cause the body to anti-age.

For vocalists, dancers, and wind instrumentalists, this technique is especially good. It teaches you to breathe from the bottom of the belly, to use your lower abdominal muscles, to be able to take full breaths.

This technique should be used every day, when you wake up and before you sleep. Breathing deeply and correctly is one of the most important factors for health and the emotional quality of a sane mind. This technique will also draw you into the Zone, where creativity and ideas flow freely.


Entering into the present moment

Reversal of diseases, healing of the body and its ailments


Proper breathing and full breaths for vocalists and artists

Stimulation of creativity and a better free-flow of ideas


One Breath In, One Breath Out:

1.   Stand with legs shoulder-width apart.  Your spine should be straight. Breathe in slowly through the nostrils, into the spot 2 inches below your navel. Feel the breath go inside of that spot, as if you are drawing in air and breathing into the body from that spot. Your lower abdomen will expand outward a slight bit. Your chest should not expand. It helps to raise the arms slowly over your head while breathing in. ***

2.   There is a pause between the inhalation and the exhalation.  This pause is a split-second where the mind has zero thoughts. The body and brain is instantly filled with healing energy at every pause. When you are completely full with air and you hit that pause, slowly release the breath through the mouth, while keeping focus on the spot 2 inches below your navel. As your release the breath, your arms will lower. And as you breathed in through that spot 2 inches below the navel, you will also visualize breathing out of that same spot. Push the air out of the lungs, by using the lower abdomen. Expel all of the air from the lungs. Hit the pause, inbetween breaths, where zero thoughts happen.

3.   When you hit the pause again at the end of your exhalation, repeat steps 1 and 2. One inhalation and one exhalation is one Cycle. I started out breathing 5 to 10 Cycles a day. I now do 20-30 Breath Cycles a day. After you are finished, rest the mind for a couple of minutes.

*** This technique can also be done while sitting down. Just sit with your back straight, cross-legged or feet flat on the ground. The arms do not have to move up and down. You can just rest your arms and hands on your lap.

This breathing technique is ancient and has been proven to heal the body, cause the body to lose unnecessary weight, and to reverse aging.

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