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Gratefulness Meditation:  A Path to Becoming Present & Creative!

by Vaughn Edward

March 25, 2019

Too often, we hear of writers or musicians who are trying to create, but they hit a wall and are blocked without any ideas of how to move forward in their work. With this happening to so many people around the world, it has become the norm to be stuck, with the acceptance that writer's block will become unblocked on its own. While this may be true to some extent, there are things we can do to unblock ourselves during these times, to speed up the process of becoming a person with ideas that flow freely.

Meditation is one of the things we can do to release the blocks in us to produce a flow of creativity. Think of meditation as a bridge to get the body and mind to sync up and enter into the Zone, where thoughts become still, and powerhouse ideas flow to the forefront.

Here is a powerful meditation, based on Gratefulness, that will help you to unblock your mind and the energy centers inside your body. According to many sages I met on my travels, being grateful is one of the easiest ways to elevate your energy and to manifest things into your personal world.


This entire meditation is based on surrendering and being grateful. You will bow to your entire life and everything before you. To everything that has come to you in your past, and to all that will come to you in the future.

1. Bow your head. You do not have to do a full bow. Just a slight nod of the head, downward, with eyes closed, will do. This simple movement will cause you to surrender and allow things to happen, instead of trying to control.


2. Now, see and feel a brilliant White Light inside of your Heart area, in the middle of the chest. Allow the White Light to saturate all of your cells throughout your body. Now see and sense your body as this White Light. Now, identify as this White Light. Whatever the Light is, you are.


3. Send this White Light to everything and everyone on your mental list. As you send the Light out to them, feel grateful for them, no matter who it is. Just feel grateful. Once you have established that feeling of gratefulness for them, move on to the next person or group.

  • Feel grateful to the Earth, for everything you have been given. Send the White Light to Earth.

  • Feel grateful to your parents, for bringing you into the world, even if you never met them.
    If they are deceased, you can still send the Light. Continue to send Light to everyone else.

  • Your siblings, for simply existing. Saturate them in the Light from your Heart and feel grateful.

  • Feel grateful for all your friends, from childhood up to the present moment.

  • To your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend, simply for being there, or simply for no reason at all.

  • To all your teachers, for giving you knowledge.

  • Feel grateful to all the money that has come your way, no matter the quantity.

  • Feel grateful to your home, your car, everything you have, which helps you and provides for you.


Spend at least thirty seconds to one minute feeling grateful to each thing on your list. This meditation will last ten to twenty minutes. Somewhere along the line, Gratefulness will happen on its own. You will reach a point where you are just grateful, for no reason at all. This is the Zone, where creativity and a free-flow of powerhouse ideas happen. Just allow your ideas to come.

If you want to manifest something into your life, think of what you want, once you have reached the Zone. Think of it inside the center of your brain, and saturate it with White Light. Your thoughts, at this moment, are extremely powerful, and you will manifest.

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