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No More Starving Artists

by Vaughn Edward

April 5, 2019

At some point, everybody has a dream, something they strive for, want and wish for - a career, or some skill they want to attain. Some people see that dream to the very end, and many toss it aside, simply because they think the road is too hard or too long, or just impossible.

In the beginning, when the dream first takes a hold of the person, ultimately, there are no blocks or restraints. There is only the dream, an inner high and a certain knowing that they can achieve this goal and have and do what they want in life. For children who make their dreams known, to become a dancer, an artist or a musician, or whatever it is they want, only the ecstatic feeling of pure joy exists.

Unfortunately, those people in life who lack the discipline and the ability to conquer their own wants and desires, tend to poison the thoughts of those who are trying to step out into their own dreams. Society has trained us all to believe certain thoughts and ways of living. From an early age, the creative people, the artists, dancers, musicians and actors, hear the dreadful words, "Be prepared to live as a starving artist," from their friends, their parents, their siblings, their teachers and strangers whom they encounter along the way. Those closest to us are the most important people, and their words hit the hardest. Insert doubt into a child's mind, and they will carry that doubt throughout the rest of their life, unless somebody else comes along and inserts a different way of thinking into their minds.

Thoughts are things, and they are the first step in creating the lives of everyone. From an early age, people insert the starving artist model into the minds of others. They tell them to "beware" and to accept this life of poverty and ruthlessness. They have no idea that it was they who first gave that person the road blocks and doubt in their mind.

Raise a child to accept success, to think about success and to dream big, and they will do exactly that, going as far as the wind and the sky can take them. Conversely, raise a child to doubt themselves and to see endless struggles, and that will be the extent of their thoughts and actions.

It is now time to adopt a new model of thinking, to ditch the old ways of thinking. The "Starving Artist" model has never worked. It has never produced a successful artist, and it has never nourished or encouraged an artist to go far, to take risks and jump when needed.

Again, thoughts are things, and only when we change the thoughts in our minds, can we successfully take steps toward a better and more rewarding life. The first step is to grant oneself the change in dynamic, by doing a 180 degree turn.

1. Instead of the old model, think write and say aloud, "Starving artists do not exist." Not only are thoughts things, but the voice has power and change the outcome of events.

2. Now, identify as something different. "Successful musician, premier dancer, respected artist, etc." What is it that you want? What do you want to be know for? Do not limit yourself.

To conquer a dream, it has to first start with changing the thoughts. Only then can we step out and take of hold of the reins and steer our lives in the direction we want it to go. Starving artists are a thing of the past. It was a thought, a concept, that took of hold many. Change the thought, the concept, and a different outcome will happen.

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