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A Practical Guide:  Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Q&A

by Vaughn Edward

April 20, 2019


What can I do to gain more exposure with my music? Things aren't going as planned, and I need to regroup!


First, I would go back and read a previous article I posted on this site. It will answer a few questions as an intro in what I am about to say. Here is the link:  "No More Starving Artists"



Now that you have read that article, it should give you some insight into the reality of your own situation. In order to have a different outcome with your music, with your life, you literally need a different set of thoughts. When it comes to creating, manifesting and owning things or objects, thoughts are the basis of your life. What you think, incessantly and intensely, is what will come to pass. Unfortunately, many of us think thoughts that contradict what our hearts want.


Meaning, if you want to go big and gain exposure, the things which cause your downfall are the thoughts of doubt inside of your mind. These thoughts of negativity then cause uneasy feelings inside your body. In a sense, with the right thoughts, you can be your own best friend. With the wrong thoughts, you can be your worst enemy.

Thoughts are things. They have power in them. Add to that, your voice, stating your goals aloud, and you empower your dreams to come into fruition. With that said, while adopting a new set of thoughts is good and needed, it is not enough. Trying to do a 180 degree can be hard, if you do not have some technique to rid you of the feelings associated with your thoughts.


When you first introduce your new set of goals and positive thoughts, doubt will creep in. Why? Because how you feel with your new set of thoughts is not yet a habit. What is needed is a technique to force you into a habitual feeling of positivity.



Here is a short but very practical way to change your thoughts, feelings and life outcomes. It is just 2 steps. Meditate to get into the Zone, then think your thoughts:

1. Meditation. This will force you into a state or Zone, where thoughts subside, and your energy is very high and magnetic. See below for the meditation technique.

2. Think and feel your thoughts. Once you have reached this Zone, your energy will be very magnetic. Any thought you introduce at this point will be a very powerful thought, and it will manifest. It can be, "I am successful and happy with my music or art, etc..." Be specific of what you want. Close your eyes and visualize what you want and where you want to be. See this in the center of your brain. Visualize yourself in the venues you want to perform. See it. Feel it. Hear it.



MEDITATION TECHNIQUE:  This technique comes from Sage, Peter Ragnar.

Breathe in slowly through the point between the two eyes, known as the 3rd Eye. As you breathe in through that one spot, visualize White Light flowing in and lighting up your brain and body. Now, breathe out through that same spot. One breath in should take 5-10 seconds. One breath out should take 5-10 seconds.

As you breathe in, at the end of your slow breath, there will be a slight pause before you exhale. In this pause, all thoughts disappear, and your energy raises significantly. When that happens, breathe out slowly. Hit the pause again, so that all thoughts disappear. One breath in and one breath out is one cycle. Breathe 7-10 cycles. Each breath should be slow and full, to the bottom of the lower abdomen.

After breathing in 7-10 cycles of breath. Think your thoughts, your goals. See this happening inside of your 3rd Eye and in the center of your brain. Saturate your dreams with White Light. As Peter says, "It's too easy to manifest using White Light."

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