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Vocal & Piano Exercise Warm-Up:  5-Note Pattern

by Vaughn Edward

May 1, 2019

This is a basic but very effective Vocal Warm-Up, which you can use every day. It is used around the world by nearly all vocal majors and teachers. Play at least the right hand on piano while you sing, so that you pitch your voice, making sure you are in tune. For songwriting purposes, to get used to playing left-hand bass and right-hand melody, play both the left and right hands on piano while singing the exercise.

You can use a few different vocal syllables as you sing. Here are a few examples:

Di Ba Doh (Pronounced Dee-Bah-Doh)

Vi Va Voh (Pronounced Vee-Vah-Voh)

Maw (Pronounced as Saw and Law)

Here is a link to a PDF File, so that you can print this exercise out:

CLICK for a print-out of this Vocal Warm-Up in All 12 Keys!

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