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Write Out Your Goals and Manifest!

by Vaughn Edward

Mary 10, 2019

In today's world, we have grown accustomed to using the latest technology, whether that is a cell phone, tablet or computer. With these products come the latest apps, which can be used to log our calendars, everyday happenings and even our goals and wish lists. While these are good to help keep us organized, they are lacking a certain key element in creating and manifesting.

Apps on phones are good for reminding us of what is going on, or what is about to happen on our calendars. They are good to help us log the things we want, such as our grocery list or dreams and goals. What they are lacking, however, is the physical element of handwriting, and the energy that comes with writing ideas and goals down on paper. Along with the energy of writing things down, we are able to strategically place our ideas and goals around the home, so that we can constantly see them and be reminded of them.

There is a subtle power in everything we do, whether it is vocalizing aloud, thinking creative thoughts, or writing our goals and wish lists down. There is energy all around us and inside of us, and if we tap into that energy, we are able to create and manifest the things we want at faster speeds than normal.

This way of doing things, creating consciously, has been around for thousands of years. To this day, only a few are aware of the possibilities of creating destiny based on our own thoughts and actions. A great sage once told all his students to write their goals down nine times a day. In doing so, they would tap into that energy and intensely think about what it is that they want, manifesting at greater speeds.

What you think, is what you will to happen.

Write your goals down, every single day. Do not just log them in on your phone or other device. Physically write them down. Writing your goals down makes you think of them, intensely. After you write them, your subconscious takes over and dreams about it even more. Dream big. Write down exactly what you want, and think about these things, over and over. What you have written down, read it aloud. The more you pay attention to your goals, the more they pay attention to you, and the more they become a part of your world.

Once you have written your goals down, close you eyes and think about them. Breathe White Light into them, as you visualize what you want inside of your mind, in the center of your brain. As another great sage once said, "It's too easy to manifest using White Light."

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