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VAUGHN EDWARD  has performed across the United States from coast to coast, as well as the Philippines and touring through the Caribbean. He is a Vocalist and writes his own Original Songs. Along with the Vocals, he plays fluently, the Keyboard, Saxophone and Hand Drums, and he has a background in Dance. Prior to writing and taking his songs public from stage to stage, he performed in most genres of music: pop, dance, jazz, funk, latin & salsa, african, ska, reggae, rock, blues, oldies, orchestra, disco, zydeco, brazilian and big bands.


Performing credits include: Webster University Jazz Series, Washington University for the Vocal Department, Duke University Jazz Concert Series, MO Botanical Gardens, and Casting for Community Musicals in Chicago. Previously, Vaughn performed in bands that opened up for The Roots, Porno For Pyros, Fishbone, The Toasters (Twice in NC and MO), and The Pie Tasters. He also played a concert with Actor/Pianist Chevy Chase.

2018:  Completed music book "Music Technique Exercises for All Instruments".

2016:  Won "Best Pop Song" for Dec 2016 with The Akademia.


2016: Produced & Recorded a Country Album for an Artist in California, with his keyboard and sax parts and back-up vocals.

2014:  He was sponsored and featured by Rude Boy Magazine.

2014:  He Scored and Arranged the music to a new musical, entitled "Thunder Bay" based off of rock songs from the 90's.

Vaughn has recorded one album "One More Day" that crosses from Pop to Electronic to Rap. He created a music book, "Music Technique Exercises for All Instruments" and is currently in the process of writing a Vocal & Piano book for Songwriting. He is the Author of a Fantasy Book Series entitled WARRIOR CHILDREN.  Along with music and writing, he is a professional photographer, with canvases sold in multiple states.

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