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"One More Day"   (Released, Feb 2019)

This is my first Album. It has a broad range of songs, with electronic sounds for Pop and Rap, as well as a fusion of genres within the Rap tunes.

Writing the songs for this album took me to many states, with many many miles logged. From Chicago to St. Louis to the Bay Area in Cali, and to Seattle. From Seattle, I went back to St. Louis. After a few months, I moved back to the Bay Area, then Orlando, and finally the Bay Area again. From city to city I drove, living life and adding musicians and various nuances to the album.

Every city helped to move me along, emotionally and musically. It taught me to persevere, even when I didn't see an end to it all.

"One More Day" was produced by Ryan Glick, from the Bay Area. I met Ryan at an open jam. He is an amazing drummer, and I was looking for a drummer at that time. We connected one night at this jam, and I ended up performing at a lot of gigs in various bands with him. Ryan was like my Musical Director, with so many ideas, and he recorded everything in his studio.

The album was Mixed & Mastered by Andy Coyne of Killout Desire Studios in the L.A. area. Andy can also be heard on Acoustic Guitar on "Ghost In The Night" and Electric Guitar on "One More Day".

Special thanks to Jake Stai for adding the amazing supporting vocals on a few of the songs. Also to my good friend, Jayson Jennings, in St. Louis, for creating the electronic tracks for a few of the tracks. And of course, to all those who performed:  Michael Flynn on guitar and bass, Tyler Adams on guitar, and Nicolas Hernandez on Bass.  Love you all!   ^_^

One More Day

From Dusk til Dawn

Come My Way

Forever is Near

Sun and Moon

Ghost in the Night

The Hungry Wolf

The Wild Ones

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To listen and stream the songs in FULL (for free), click the link below to You can purchase songs through this site as well! This link will take you to a Pop Album and a Solo Piano EP, by Vaughn.


All songs were written by Vaughn Edward. Recording Engineer, Ryan Glick. Album produced by Ryan Glick from The Bay Area. All songs Mixed & Mastered by Andy Coyne of Killout Desire Studios.

POP        RAP        ELECTRONIC


Video improv with Ryan Glick. One of the ways we Song-Write. Nothing was pre-determined. As soon as the 1st note was struck, our brainstorm in the vid was free to go where it wanted. So no stealing our melody  ^_^  we'll definitely use this one!  - April, 2014.

In the studio with Ryan Glick, Music Director of Album - Aug, 2014.

In the studio with Ryan Glick and Nick Hernandez. Nick laid down the bass grooves for One More Day and Another Moment in Heaven - Aug, 2014.

Video with Tyler Adams, one of the guitarists on the album, and Ryan Glick. Morning after a Cabin Trip in Northern California - July, 2014.

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