WARRIOR CHILDREN: Legendary Three (Book I)

Born from the Light, on the evening of the Full Moon, they finally returned after 3300 years. When last seen, the sons of Kala, Arul and Gaia were sent from the Otherworlds to end the reign of the merciless Demon King, Mephistopheles. Since that historical time, a new and deadlier presence has arisen. An archaic demon, Moloch, inherited the powers of his family lineage, just before the banishing of his brother by the Great Wizard and Mikhae of the El Dynasty.


Humanity has now come to a crux, and all are spiraling toward complete and utter destruction. It is up to Edward, Gene and Christopher to protect the peoples in all nations and to train warriors in the ways of the gods.


Will the help from their Guardian Watchers, a few allied gods and some invincible weapons be enough to overthrow the countless armies creating terror in all the lands?


Find out.  Before it’s too late…

WARRIOR CHILDREN: Sons of the Red Planet (Book II)

Immortal, nonsensical, and one of the strongest warriors in all universes, Aaron, the son of Muruga, has joined the crusade against evil. Battling alongside Edward, Gene and Christopher, his travels lead him to Earth, Middle-Earth and back to his home planet, Mars. While recruiting an entire team, Aaron discovers a new breed of demons, and the origin of angels.


As the current defender of Mars, and a hero to Earth, the son of Muruga holds the key to immortality. Only Aaron, and those with the power of the Murugan lineage, can stop the Demon King, Moloch.


The history of Mars unfolds amidst the calamities of destruction on Earth, and new gods stake their claim in the constant shift between good and evil.


The battle continues…

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