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ORDER NOW!  "Music Technique Exercises for All Instruments" (by Vaughn Edward) was written as a way to learn all the basic and general exercises in every key. The exercises have been transcribed for both Treble and Bass Clefs. For Middle and High School students, college and beyond, and for all students in Band and Orchestra. For all aspiring Classical and Jazz, as well as most other genres of music. The exercises in this book will improve reading, Ear Training, Music Theory and overall musicianship.

Learn major and minor scales, arpeggios, broken chords, chromatic movement and pentatonic scales! Also included are short etudes, written out in all 12 Keys, which apply the exercises in a melodic way for you to play.

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KINDLE  $8.50

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KINDLE  $8.50

Click on an exercise to download a free PDF sample!

Music Book Download 1.png

Minor Arpeggios

in Treble Clef


Music Book Download 2.png

Chromatic Major & Minor Scales in Treble Clef


Music Sample 3.jpg

Minor Broken Chords in 4ths in Bass Clef


Music Sample 4.jpg

Minor Chord Tones

in Bass Clef


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