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Son of Kala Bhairava, the god of Time. Last time he stepped foot on Earth was 3300 years ago, during the time of Mephistopheles. His signature color is a deep and entrancing violet, which heals, empowers and destroys. Has the ability to see all of Time from before the beginning to all spaces in-between Time.

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Son of Arul, the god of Ascension. When last seen on the planet, it was 3300 years ago, during the time of Mephistopheles. His signature color is a bright white, which enlightens, heals and entrances. Has the ability to move through dimensions and any place in the universe within a split-second

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Son of Gaia, the goddess of Earth. His last footings on Earth were 3300 years in the past, during the time of Mephistopheles. His signature color is a brilliant gold, which heals, awakens and empowers. Has the ability to control all planets, roots, earth and water, and he holds the keys to Middle Earth.

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Guardian Watcher of Edward. Awakened by Edward and inherited all his powers of Time. Her signature color is also violet. After her awakening, she quit her full-time job, as it no longer resonated with her. As a replacement, she began fighting alongside the gods for the betterment of all. A force to be reckoned with, she is a tough opponent for anyone.

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Guardian Watcher of Gene. Awakened by Gene and inherited all his powers of Ascension. She can travel to all dimensions and pass through rock. She left the small town she grew up in after she felt a higher calling, and she now fights full-time alongside the gods. Never a push-over, she speaks her mind and fights with her fists.

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Guardian Watcher of Christopher. Awakened by Christopher and inherited all his powers to control the Earth. Has the ability to levitate rocks, and she can pull plants from the other side of the world, causing them to grow in her own domain. She now battles with the gods. Very patient and has a very even temperament, but she is a fierce competitor when it comes time to fight.

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Son of Muruga, the Overlord of Mars. He is an immortal who has been alive for thousands of years. A protector of the universe, he has traveled to many galaxies. Carries a lance with a leaf-shaped tip, called the Vel Staff. Has never lost a battle. Has the ability to know and speak all languages from any galaxy, including languages of insects and animals.

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Son of Surya, the god of the Sun. An immortal who is a master of one of the most intense and thorough martial arts in any galaxy. He can turn his body into fire. A teacher to hundreds of students, known as the Sun students. He is an artist, and he is very rich from all the gold he looted during his time as a mortal in the 1700's.

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2nd Son of Surya, the god of the Sun. An immortal who fully enlightened through Starko. As a mortal, he mindlessly followed Starko around in the 1700's. He is now able to wield all the powers of the sun and fire. Has excellent combat skills from the martial arts of the Sun. Has the ability to read minds and has the power of persuasion. 

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Older sister of Mery Damaru. She was also awakened by Gene and inherited the powers of Ascension, enabling her to travel through all dimensions. Very fierce and will not turn down a battle. She was once seen floating slowly down from the top of a  building. She now helps the gods and travels along with them on all their adventures.

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